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Our Story

On September 7, 2020, we announced our campaign to remove period tax with the official hashtag #RaatoKarMaafGar which directly translates to "Forgive the Red Tax". The following month, Pad2Go advocated for the removal of Value Added Tax (VAT)on period products through informative social media posts and interviews with stakeholders on Instagram Live. On October 5, 2020, Pad2Go released the official petition for removal of 13% VAT from all menstrual products in Nepal on www.change.org

Below is a timeline for our RaatoKarMaafGar campaign till April 2021. 

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Pad2Go Blogs 

Media coverage

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#RaatoKarMaafGar Network

With the campaign picking up, it is time to COLLABORATE. We need you to join hands with us in advocating to remove the 13% VAT levied on all period products in Nepal. In order to ensure this campaign is a success, #RAATOKARMAAFGAR has the following agenda:
1. Removal of 13% VAT from all period products in Nepal.
2. Implementation and monitoring by the government and stakeholders.
3. Regulation of MRP throughout Nepal.
4. Implement policies that protect Domestic manufacturers.

As the young generation, it is also our duty to interpret the implications of our campaign and ensure that it reaches the beneficiaries. If you or your organization agree with the above agendas, we would love to have you as a part of our voluntary network. The main aim of the network is to share ideas and work together, utilizing our own strengths to advocate for this cause.


The network consists of four working groups 

  • Social Media Advocacy

  • Grassroot level advocacy

  • Innovative Protest Collaboration

  • Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement