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What started as an idea, turned into a passion project which led to a social enterprise.

Our co-founders Shubhangi Rana and Jesselina Rana started Pad2Go in October 2018 after having understood the grim reality and obstacles that menstruating individuals have to face across Nepal. As a result of their own share of experiences while growing up in a society where menstruating girls were treated differently and looked down upon, they strongly believe that no future generation should be adversely affected because of archaic perceptions around menstruation.

We believe all individuals should embrace who they are,
define their future, and  change the world.

Our Mission

Pad2Go's mission is to challenge age old perceptions and obstacles around menstruation in an innovative way.

Our Mission

Our Vision

At Pad2Go, we envision a society that is not marred by social inequality. We believe that change starts today, for a better future tomorrow.

Our Vision

Meet The Team

Shubhangi Rana

Meet our Co-Founder Shubhangi! In addition to her 9-5 job at CDM Smith as a Civil Engineer, Shubhangi invests a lot of her time working on Pad2Go as well as Wake and Bake. She is also an active member of Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub. 


Jesselina Rana

Meet our Co-Founder Jesselina! Since she is currently pursuing her Masters in Law degree (LL.M) at Harvard University, Jesselina is an advisor for Pad2Go. Previously, she spent most of her time on Pad2Go, Wake and Bake, and her social media advocacy page @nepalifeminist which focuses on intersectional feminist issues in Nepal.

jophen .jpeg

Jophen Ruit

Meet our research intern Jophen! She’s a 2nd year Politics, Philosophy, and Economics student at the Asian University for Women. In addition to interning at Pad2Go, Jophen works part-time teaching English and Life skills at a public school in KTM and loves sharing her knowledge with children.


Tapas Khatri

Meet our marketing intern Tapas, who loves to share new ideas/trends and loves helping the team whenever he can. He has an inquisitive brain that allows him to be a fast learner and we are stoked to have him in the team.

Dechen Lama

Meet our social media intern Dechen! When she isn't working on Pad2Go, she's studying to complete her B.A in Neuroscience & Behavior at Mount Holyoke College, and is working towards becoming a dentist. Dechen also works on campus as an RA and a Student Assistant at the Pre-Health office. 


Nishi Rungta

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