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What We Do

At Pad2Go Nepal, we strive to democratise menstrual health through accessible products, impactful advocacy, and inclusive initiatives.

Our Products

Our flagship innovation, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines, is a groundbreaking solution designed to provide convenient and accessible menstrual products to individuals, transforming menstrual hygiene one dispense at a time.

Innovate, Empower, Transform.

Workshops and Seminars

Join our informative workshops to gain knowledge on menstrual health, break the stigma, and champion gender equality. Embark on a transformative journey in our Leadership and Design Thinking Workshops for College Students, fostering innovation and action to champion equitable access in the Menstrual Health sector.

Leadership and Design Thinking Workshops for College Students

Bring menstrual awareness to the classroom, promoting inclusive education through interactive school workshops. Elevate classroom experiences, where interactive workshops foster insight, thereby breaking barriers and way for paving foresight.

Menstrual Health Education Training for School Students

Law-Policy Analysis and Advocacy

The #PeriodInPrison campaign is a critical effort to tackle menstrual health issues in prisons. It launched with the installation of our vending machines at women's prisons. Stakeholder interviews and discussions emphasised the pressing need for better implementation of laws and policies regarding the same.


Our campaign to eliminate the period tax, #RaatoKarMaafGar, which directly translates to "Forgive the Red Tax", advocates for the removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) on period products. Pad2Go spearheads this movement with an official petition for the removal of 13% VAT from all menstrual products in Nepal.


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