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Pad2Go wins 1st Prize at the 35th AGUASAN conference

AGUASAN is an interdisciplinary Swiss Community of Practice (CoP)that brings together a broad range of specialists to promote a deeper understanding of water and sanitation issues in developing and transition countries.

The 35th AGUASAN workshop was jointly organised by seecon gmbh and the workshop steering committee and tackled the topic: “Advancing the Human Right to Water and Sanitation through Inclusive Business Approaches”

The overall goal of the AGUASAN Workshop Series is to forge and facilitate the implementation of the Swiss response in water and sanitation issues in developing and transition countries. The workshops are aligned towards poverty reduction and exploring synergy effects with other development and humanitarian sectors. The workshop is aimed at furthering the realization of good governance, human rights principles and promoting gender sensitive approaches as well energy efficient and environmentally sustainable practices.

6 young water professionals from around the globe were sponsored to participate in the workshop and contribute a case study (candidates aged between 20-35 years old that are operating or have recently launched an inclusive business).Pad2Go team being one of the 6 young water professionals underwent one week of social business model workshop and pitched their idea to a board of investors. Pad2Go secured the first position which included a 5000 Swiss franc grant and mentorship sessions.

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